About Us

Learn about our founding story, our mission and the people driving the growth and development of young women leaders around the world. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Our Story

In January 2014, our Founder, Jane Finette, launched a personal blog post offering three pro-bono coaching places to young women leaders in the impact space. Passionate about women living their full potential, Jane’s idea was to give back some of her time to help a number of young women on their journey. She received more than 40 applications in the first 5 days.

The overwhelming response demonstrated the strong desire for young women globally to excel in all areas of their lives. They knew about the great benefits of coaching, and yet at this early stage in their career, coaching wasn’t a luxury most could afford.

That’s how The Coaching Fellowship was founded — because at the same time Jane had an overwhelming response for applications; there was also a groundswell of coaches who stepped forward to help. During those first weeks we were able to find coaches for all 41 fellowship applicants.

Today, The Coaching Fellowship provides 300+ empowered leadership program places per year for early career high potential female leaders in social and environmental change.

We are proud to have already served more than 1,500 women. Thousands of women of impact apply for The Coaching Fellowship every year representing 80+ countries. Our impact community is made up of nonprofit leaders, social impact entrepreneurs, activists, rocket scientists, artists and more — all high potential women leaders of impact dedicating their lives to building the world of tomorrow, today.

The Coaching Fellowship would be not possible without the love and support of scores of internationally based coaches and subject matter experts, giving back their time to bring forward a trailblazing new generation of global women leaders of impact.

Our Mission

The Coaching Fellowship nurtures and brings together the world’s high potential young women leaders in social and environmental change.

We believe that through the combination of leadership development, coaching and community at a crucial point early in their career, women leaders will manifest the change they want to be and see in the world faster and at an exponentially greater scale.

Together, we are bringing forward a new generation of women leaders building the world of tomorrow today.